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Inicially, we must learn that Cerveja Letra is a beer produced in the Portuguese region of Minho, using artisanal methods and 100% natural ingredients - water, malts and hops - that give it a unique and special character, as a result of its organoleptic properties, which distinguish it from the beers currently produced and consumed in Portugal: more turbid, more aromatic and much more intense.

Although different from the look and taste, they are all produced with the same rigor, 100% natural ingredients, without any type of dye or preservative and genuinely "minhotas".


LETRA a Weiss - meaning "white", it has a light color and turbid presentation, because of the high percentage of wheat malt used in its manufacturing process. Smooth beer with fruity aroma.
LETRA b Pilsner - is a low fermentation beer, with golden color and light flavour. The bitterness hops provides a fresh flavour. The Saaz hops, is added during the long maturation process at a temperature of 2ºC, providing a unique aroma.
LETRA c Stout - is a high fermentation beer with a creamy foam, coffee and carael aromas, from the selected malts used in its manufacturing. The hops from Germany and USA provide an intense and addictive flavour.
LETRA d Red - is a high fermentation beer with a reddish color. It has an intense fruity flavour with a little toasted, from the different barley malts. The hopsprovide a floral aroma and a slightly bitter attractive flavour.

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