Portugal is in the Mediterranean region, subject to a particular climate that occurs in only 3% of the terrestrial surface of the World.

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by two fundamental factors:

- a strong variability of precipitation (occurrence of frequent and intense periods of Drought, sometimes over several consecutive years);
- the coincidence of the dry season with the hot season (summer), when water availability is very low, and demand is growing substantially due to the irrigation needs of agricultural crops and the supply of people (residents and tourists).

Due to this natural variability and scarcity, there is a constantly growing demand, and a management that encourages waste and stimulates consumption through a dense network of hydraulic infrastructures.

Together, these two factors help explain why among the 6 countries in the world with the highest Water Footprint are 4 countries in the Mediterranean region - Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Pedras Sparkling Water
From natural sources in the spa town of Pedras Salgadas in north-east Portugal, at an el..
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